Thursday, November 04, 2010

Training with Dutamas Runners

Event: Hill training with Dutamas Runners
Venue: Dutamas Raya
Date: 03 November 2010
Time: 7.00pm
Distance: 30 minutes of warming up and Interval of 3 x 250 meter uphill 
Shoe: Saucony Triumph 7

Its been quite a long long time i did not done any interval training. Its been too long. So happened i noticed Dutamas Runners group is having their hill interval training posted in their facebook... and without hesitate i decided to join them. 

Photo taken by Yvonne

Photo taken by Yvonne

Er.. wait.. i cant remember where did i got my "Air Asia" running vest! Hmmm... 
Oh yeah.. its was from Borneo Marathon in KK.. where its was my 1st time taking Air Asia flight to KK... weeee.... 

Back to training. 

We started with warm up a slow jog from Dutamas Ria to the junction to Solaris Hartamas. 

Its was a 30 minutes warm up and as usual my calf muscle are in pain... lactic acid were passing by punya pasal! Causing my calf muscle to pain and its warming up...  

after that, we do some stretching.. and soon we start our interval hill training... 

We starting from Changkat View condo, a little bit further up after the main gates and from there we run fast up to hill and stop at Duta Ria condo... its was estimated about 250 meters. 

Its sound 250 meters were simple, but until you really tried to run fast going up hill, its really terrible. My heart rate shd be pushed to maximum and my lung breath at the maximum capacity... 

Its was supposed to do 5 times yet im only managed to do 3 times... next time i shall do much better... 

Its was nice to run with Dutamas runners. 7.00pm to start was just nice for me... 

Everyone are welcome to join Dutamas Runners Facebook Group... and come train with Dutamas Runners, you will benefits from them.   


Piffles said...

it was more than 250m, and supposed to be 6 repeats leh. hehe.

hope your calf gets better! see you at the next training ... =)

Khoo Yit Kiat said...

Aiyo..oklah oklah I admit it was more than 250m as everyone pointed out it was like 400m. Only 150m difference mah. What is 150m if you have done 42.195km? Haha. Thanks for coming in to join us for training. Pls don't get to upset about not finishing the repeats. You guys did well considering it's quite a tough hill repeats. You do better next time!

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