Thursday, November 04, 2010

Yes 4G by YTL communication

Yes ! Its 4G. Its Yes4G. Its by YTL communication.

Just now YTL Comm had some preview introduction of their latest 4G broadband to media and social media.

My twitter timeline were all full with YTL introduction of 4G which called Yes! Yes... Say Yes to 4G... haha...

Faster go visit to register your ID and also choose your preferred number!

Cautions when you register your ID and choosing your phone number.

1. Choose the only 1 ID name that you wish for. Unlike me just now, im registered for and after that i want to register for another ID using my real name but its fail.

2. The system is recognise using our IC number and its prevent you from register second ID.

3. The mobile number which start with 018- XXX 1234. The last 4 digits number you can try your luck and search whether its available or not.

4. I got my preferred last 4 digits number. So faster go to to get your preferred ID and number now...

5. The Yes 4G sound very promising! let's wait till the launch event on 19 November 2010!

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