Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sundown Marathon 2011

Dear runners,

Let me present to you the Sundown marathon 2011.

Im just got the email updates from Sundown:

Race Registration is now open!

HiVelocity is pleased to announce the much-anticipated launch for the 2011 Sundown Marathon registration at the 2010 Sports & Fitness Expo!

Following the success of the past three editions of the night race, next year's event promises to be even bigger, better and much more exciting!

There will be a new twist to next year's event. Unlike previous years, we will be having Sundown Marathon and Sundown Ultra Marathon on 2 separate days. We have also opened up the 10km category to BOTH men and women.

Look out for the Sundown Marathon Registration Booth and register on the spot to receive a gift*.

Details of Sports & Fitness Expo
Date: 19 - 22 November (Friday - Monday)
Time: 10.30am - 8pm
Location: Singapore Expo Hall 5 (Admission is Free)

 All prices are in Singapore Dollars and are inclusive of GST.

For all past participants** out there, our registration system will automatically detect your past entry and you will get to enjoy a special rate!

Alternatively, participants may also click here to register.

Ok... This is shocking! Im already booked my Air Asia flight for 28 May 2011 race... 
now the ultra-marathon is set on 25 June 2011.... 

Sundown Marathon - 42km www.sundownmarathon.com 

Sundown Ultra-marathon - 100km www.sundownultramarathon.com 

Some 2cents: 

1. Separate between marathon and ultra-marathon might sound good but for runners might have other thinking.  

2.Sundown marathon organizer now become clever, they are now earning 2 times of participant fees and runner's pocket become a big hole. 

3. As you know, previous marathon were combined together 42km and 84km. 84km start 6pm and 42km start at 11.59pm. Ultra-runners get companied by the 42km runners when they finished their 1st 42km loop.  Now with the new rules, ultra-runners going to be lonely.. no more supporter from 42km runners... 

4. On other hand as the race is just only for the Ultra-marathon, a more focus attention given to runners are achievable. 

5. Now i have brought the flight tickets for 28 May.. and asking me going to run 100km on 25 June 2010 again is really out of my expectation and my budget is going to blow...  i need cheap flight from Air Asia again! 

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dannie chOOng said...

thanks for the info. indeed the schedule is really upsetting. i too have already purchase AA ticket for 28 May event and are preparing to sign up for 84km during SCSM. now they change the ultra event to 25 June and upgrade it to 100km ??!! not only budget but the timing sucks too coz the following week after ultra is Gold Coast Marathon...

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