Monday, November 08, 2010

Eneloop Stick Booster by Sanyo

When i was 1st come to know this Eneloop Stick Booster by Sanyo was when someone shown me the link of engadget. Immediately im falls in love with the stick.

Photo from Engadget - The Stick 

I checked up and down in the low yat forum and all the Sanyo resellers did not selling the stick as reason the Sanyo Malaysia not yet bring in the Stick into Malaysia. 

Besides that, i google-ed online and found some sellers are selling the stick in Ebay and some other Singapore sellers. At last i decided to get from Ebay, as the seller do ship to Malaysia. 

The stick was flying from Japan all the way to Malaysia... 

Its tax free item... Thanks to recent Tax budget announced by Prime Minister Najib Razak

The parcel is protective with span... 

Enjoy my video clip on Eneloop Stick Booster 

The Eneloop Stick Booster by Sanyo! 

I believed this stick is now only "Made in Japan" and its not widely available worldwide... 


The unpack Eneloop Stick Booster... 

Below are the print screen i captured when im charge my iPhone 4... 

60 minutes have past and its now charged till 50%. 

As you can see, the charging was stopped at 58% from 18%. Two AA size batteries gave 40% of juices to my iPhone4. I was left my iPhone in idle situation. 
Charging: 18% to 58% 
Duration: 1 hours 22 minutes. 
Condition: Left my iPhone idle. 

For your information, im already an existing user of 4 Eneloop rechargeable batteries with a charger. So i can continue to charge my iPhone 4 with second set of AA batteries. 

Charging: 58% to 81% 
Duration: 39 minutes. 
Condition: Been using the phone heavily and unplug the charging as im reached home. 

Photos from the Japanese's Sanyo Eneloop Stick website for your reference.

Photos from the Japanese's Sanyo Eneloop Stick website for your reference.

Photos from the Japanese's Sanyo Eneloop Stick website for your reference. 


1. The pack did not come with any cable. You just need to use your own USB cable. 
2. The stick only can output and you have to invest your own extra Sanyo Eneloop charger to charge your eneloop rechargeable batteries
3. The stick did not able to satisfy you if you look for 1 which can fully charge your phone in 1 cycle. 
4. The stick give you a temporary juices to your phone when you are out of reach of plug or PC or laptop.
5. I love the stick size as its small and tiny. Its occupied a friction of space in my bag! Woo Hoo.. 
6. The stick is proven working on the iPhone 4. Not sure about other phone. Good luck trying.

Finally, Im proudly to self declare: Im the FIRST Malaysian Eneloop Stick Booster owner and reviewer too. 

haha... If im not the FIRST to own in Malaysia, do let me know... 

In futures: 
1. I will try to use other band of rechargeable batteries with higher mAh capacity if im able to borrow from anyone to test the performance although its not recommended.  
2. I will try to use normal non-rechargeable batteries for testing. ( This will be useful if your rechargeable batteries are out of juices and you can buy the normal batteries from 7-11 shop if its really urgent.) 


Joel Yek said...

which seller u brought from can send the link ? and whats the price

vin_ann said...

hi Joel,

I brought it from Ebay.

You can search in there. The seller is from Japan.

Thank you.

Joel Yek said...

Thx fo the info... But how charge he battery? Cause i dont have the eneloop charger? I t does include a cradle thingy for charging right?

vin_ann said...


Before i brought the Eneloop stick booster, im already own Eneloop AA rechargeable batteries which come with charger.

You have to buy the Eneloop AA rechargeable batteries & charger which cost around RM110 in Msia, which u can find at

Joel Yek said...

Is that the only way to charge it?

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