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Energizer Night Race 2011 - Registration is Open! 18 Dec 2010

Registration for Energizer Night Race (ENR) 2011 now is open! 

There are 42km, 21km, 11km and 5.5km categories. 

Energizer Night Race 2011 - Event Details  
Date: 16th April 2011   Venue: Sepang International Circuit, Malaysia   Starting Time: 7.40pm  

Code/Categories/Age Group/Distance/Qualifying Time


Code/Categories/Age Group/Distance/Qualifying Time

(UNTIL 31ST JAN 2011)
42 KMMYR 60MYR 75
21 KMMYR 55MYR 70
11 KMMYR 50MYR 65
5.5 KMMYR 50MYR 65

 Those who running 11km going to run 2 loops of Sepang International Circiut... you're a Formula One runner on 16 April 2010 night... hehe

For 21km, you have to run 2 loops of SIC track and plus one big outer loop of SIC.

For 42km marathoner, they are not so fortune as 11km and 21km runner who runs 2 loops of SIC track! Full marathoner only get to run 1 loop of SIC track and 5 big outer route of SIC... :( 

A1Men Open16 yrs to 49 yrs42 KM6 hrs5.00pm7.40pm
A2Men Sr. Vet.50 yrs & above6 hrs
B1Women Open16 yrs to 49 yrs7 hrs
B2Women Sr. Vet.50 yrs & above7 hrs
C1Men Open16 yrs to 39 yrs21 KM3 hrs5.30pm8.15pm
C2Men Vet.40 yrs & above
D1Women Open16 yrs to 39 yrs
D2Women Vet.40 yrs & above
E1Men Open16 yrs to 39 yrs11 KM2 hrs6.00pm8.30pm
E2Men Vet.40 yrs & above
F1Women Open16 yrs to 39 yrs
F2Women Vet.40 yrs & above
HFun Run12 yrs & above5.5 KM2 hrs6.30pm9.00pm

As you can see on the above, the starting time for each categories are just 30 minutes apart ! I can foresee 10,000 human traffic jam on the SIC track !

Energizer Night Race 2011 - Race Kit Collection  
Race Kit Collection datetime and venue  
Friday - Sunday, 25 – 27 March 201110.00 am – 10.00 pme@Curve, The Concourse
Saturday - Monday, 2 – 4 April 201110.00 am – 10.00 pmTropicana City Mall, The Concourse
Saturday, 16 April 201110.00 am – 4.00 pmSepang International Circuit
Please bring the print out of your Registration ConfirmationPayment Registration and your identity card or passport.

Once you register online, you should receive 2 emails from us. One is the payment confirmation, the second is the registration confirmation. The email with your confirmation number is the registration confirmation. The email with your payment details is the payment confirmation. Please print and bring both emails when collecting the race kit.

Foreign/outstation runners arriving on 16 April 2011 may collect the race kit at the race venue (Sepang International Circuit) on the race day, 10am - 4pm. Alternatively, you may request someone else to collect on your behalf.

Foreign/outstation runners arriving on 16 April 2011 after 4pm, please proceed to the event secretariat at thePaddock Mall Media Room 3 (Sepang International Circuit) to collect the race kit.

If someone is collecting the Race Kit on your behalf, he/she needs to bring your Registration Confirmation and Payment Confirmation email hard copies. The one collecting for you should also bring his/her own identity card/ passport (not yours) for our record.
- At the collection counters, you need to submit the registration and payment confirmation emails to the official.


Btw, to those who signed up, and you need to start your training, you're welcome to join Runners Malaysia Beginner Running program to kick start your running!

Runners Malaysia group is alway at Bukit Aman Car Park, Saturday 7.30am for run about 7km or 4km, up to individual choice.

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Nessa said...

Hi there! :) Thanks for the detailed info re ENR 2011. I'm trying to register for the race but the site is down/too busy.

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