Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Super Cars @ Royal Selangor

Super cars like Ferrari were @ Royal Selangor for a charity event on 31st Oct 2010. 

Actually on that morning, im planning to go Ferrari gathering @ Pavilion but i saw Royal Selangor tweets on the arrival of super cars at their factory for display and charity event. Since im stay so near to Royal Selangor, i can visit the super cars @ Royal Selangor and then only go to Pavilion... 

Can you guess who in the photo? She is in my blog list. 
Surprisingly i met Victor and Evelyn @ Royal Selangor... 
Btw, Congratulation to Victor on wining award fast n furious on the CIMB challenge if my memory serve me well. 

Agar-agar made by them... 

Silver Lamborghini 

Black Lamborghini 

Orange Lamborghini 

Lamborghini again.. haha... 

Ferrari 458 Italia - the main STAR attraction 

Ferrari 458 Italia - Front view 

Ferrari 458 Italia - side lamp view 

Ferrari 458 Italia - Front view again... 

Ferrari 458 Italia - Zoomed front view 

Ferrari 458 Italia - Side body view 

Ferrari 458 Italia - Back side view 

Ferrari 458 Italia - Butt view 

Hummer ! 

 Should be Hummer 5 ! not Hummer 3. 

As usual, Royal Selangor postcard before leaving. 

Bye bye Ferrari 458 Italia. 


Nikel Khor said...

so much super car there

vin_ann said...

more than two are many.

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