Thursday, December 30, 2010

Thian Hou Gong Temple @ 29 Dec 2010

I was on leave and im finished my full medical checks up. 
Here Im at Thian Hou Gong Buddhist Temple.  

Lan Tern are hang up! 

Works in progress... 

Completed portion. 

This looks familiar... where did i saw before ? 

and this portion too! I remember i saw somewhere and visited before ! 

Oh.. Its Eiffel Tower from Paris !  

Is it the shape is the same with the one at Thian Hou Gong above? hehe... 

On the other structure, im really no idea. But i know its from China. haha 

When im walked pass, i heard the worker slang and confirmed the workers are from China. 

Bye Bye Thian Hou Gong, see you. 

btw, Chinese New Year are falling on Feb 3 and 4, 2011. 

Happy Chinese New Year 2011 in advance. 

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