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Year 2010 - Sayonara Bye Bye 2011

Its come to end of year 2010 in 1 days time plus. In 2010, im become marathon manic, er.. do i qualify to call myself marathon manic? In 2010, i have ran 7 marathons.

In 2010, since departure of my friend in Nov 2009,  besides running, Im also meeting up with new people, new friends, and free movie giveaway outing too! 2010 so happening.

My blog traffic from beginning year only 70 view per months and now increased to 200 view per days. Thanks to my new meet friends over all places.

Let's explore my journey of 2010.


Who will thought there's a run on 1st Jan 2010. Yes, there's Pacemaker Network run at Lake Garden and for the first time ever, Cari Runners group were officially announced by Kelvin after the race! Me as part of the Cari Runners can feel the excitement for the coming races in 2010.

Congratulation to CariRunners.

January month always signify the most important month for me! Its my BIRTHDAY ! I had my birthday celebration with my senior together at Lemon Garden for buffet at Shangri-la Hotel. My senior just fly to UK to continue his master study in UK in Oct. Wish him al the best. Thank you

January birthday boys. 


Putrajaya Night Run marathon just before the CNY. haha... 

Putrajaya Night Marathon also was my 1st time wearing my 2XU compression pant ! Sexy legs ! 

As usual, we cam-whore after the race with Cari Runners! 
Ok.. February was a long happening months... 

Runners Malaysia Chinese New Year Potluck ! 

Thank you Mr Wan and Jamie - Founder of Runners Malaysia

Through Runners Malaysia, I have meet many great people!  


FB Fans shape-up with Me Energizer 

Btw, Energizer Night Race 2011 now is open! Details: Here


April did not have any marathon, but short distance run race. 

Cari Runners Gang ! 


May - Its Sundown Marathon in Singapore ! Tag line: Beat the Sunraise ! Its my 1st time ever running a marathon which start at 11.59pm. haha... 

Details Race report: Sundown Marathon 2010


The biggest marathon in Kuala Lumpur, that's Standard Chartered KL marathon. In SCKLM, i have ran my best timing for the best - 5hrs 35mins. 

Great CariRunners gang. 

Race report: SCKLM

In July, there's no marathon but short distance run like Siemens Run ! 

Yeah... we enjoyed our run! 

BHP Orange Run


My most favourite photo! Jungle River marathon

Thank you Runwitme for the photo.

Just before the Merdeka, i joined Advertlets bloggers at Johnnie Walker Pit Crew Experience. 
I met with Micheal Yip, Hanie, Jason Chan, Wai Kit & Dan Khoo (later i only found out their both are from and Leonard Foong. 

September month, after my Jungle River marathon, i have a knee pain problems! Its believe to be im lack of mileage training after my SCKLM and i just went to run another 42km. Since im having knee problems, my mileage just dropped to 10km per week. 

Its BKT outing, Seafood, and Fried Chicken day trip around Klang, Pulau Ketam and Klang! 

 Sushis makan outing 
This is my 1st time ever taste nice sushis at Ishin, Jln Klang lama. 

 Despite having knee problems, im running with much extra careful. Lucky Im still survived my 30km Newton challenge. But this does not mean my knee problem are fully recovered ! 


No marathon for this month. Initially there's was a marathon that's Sun Moon Lake marathon in Taiwan, but its was clashed with Taiwan national day and its cancelled before its open for registration. 
So we changed our plan to hiking hill and we can see Ocean Pacific from top ! 

In Oct, I was in Taipei, Taiwan. 
Sorry until now im still not blog about my trip in Taiwan... 

Its 23rdOctwtup ! The main objective of this twitup was to Foursquare to gain Swarm badge! 
Meet a few new friends there... nice one! 

Ferrari Gathering @ Pavilion @ 31st Oct 2010 


November was the start of happening months ! Im become "brother" for my friend's wedding in Penang & wedding diner Melaka followed by Penang Bridge International Marathon. 

Congratulation to my friend Khai Nien. 

Immediately the next week, i got another wedding diner @ Melaka 

Congratulation to Harry & Bee Sien 

In this wedding diner, i drank XO... plain XO ! Its so KUAT... 

CariRunners Rock the PBIM ! 

No race report up yet ! Grr... im been slacking on my race report for PBIM... 
Blogs relates to PBIM


Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2010 @ December  ! 

Our Full Marathon starting line was at Orchard Road ! 

Blog related to SCMS

My December still not yet finish / end with my Singapore marathon but is 12 hour Melaka walk ! 

my will power for this 12 hours walk were weak. 
There's few girls i know, they walked 50km ! 

Lastly im want to end my 2010 memories with my final photo. 

Tong Yuen twtup organized by Mei Ying. Thanks you, Mei Ying. 

The sweet Tong Yuan end my 2010. 

Looking forward my 2011 to be with you. 
Looking forward my 2011 to run with for selected marathons.
Looking forward my 2011 to run 100km Sundown Ultra-marathon.  
Happy New Year ! 

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