Monday, December 20, 2010

Goodyear Formula Drift Malaysia 2010

First, thanks you to @myegclub on giving the free Formula Drift tickets on the contest in twitter.  
I won Walkabout ticket and on 19 Dec 2010, i went to witness myself for the first time on actual car drifting! 

Dataran Merdeka and The GoodYear ! 

A Ferrari was display right after the entrance. 

Followed by Porsche.

Porsche SUV !

Super car sure pair with super model. 

Another car model 

All the models were wearing jacket bearing MYEG logo.
Have you pay your summons via MYEG? Your e-government portal offer various services. 

The full house Grand Stand Covered ! What are they looking at? Girls? Nope !  

People standing and looking at 1 direction! What are they looking at ! 

Then the Walkabout ticket holders, they also looking at the same direction! 
What are they looking at??? 
Answer at video below! 

Hehe... Drifting... i thinks Takashi - The Initial D drifting are the best ! haha... 

Before ending the post, share with you the Victory horse! Ferrari! 

Ferrari ! 

Thanks MYEG for the ticket and its was great motorsports event! 


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