Thursday, February 24, 2011

Flash Flood in KL after heavy rain

The rain started around 3.30pm and its a heavy downpour in KL City centre. 

At 6.00pm, when going back home, i read about traffic jam at Jln Tun Razak and heard of floods in front of IJN/ National library in the HitzFm traffic announcement... and someone tweeted this photo below! 

Its really happening! flooding! Even KL have thr SMART tunnel! 

From ground level. 

RT @Do not use Jln Tun Razak!! Flooded! (Location : in front of IJN)  

Its time to step 1 step back and re-thinks what's the reasons behind the flood.
I can proudly tell you its due to the following:

1. Trash
2. Trash
3. Trash

People never can change with habits by throwing rubbish into the river. No matter how big, how deep are our river, its going to flood due to trash!

Wake up KL !

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