Saturday, February 26, 2011

Nano Watch with TikTok + LunaTik @ KL

Its all begin with the Nasi Belacan at Kopi Club Low Yat Plaza branch... 
I was checking the Foursquare and found out my friend also just checked in at his favourite kopitiam - the Kopi Club Plaza Low Yat! Then i tweeted him and he still at the Kopi Club... 
So i joint him for dinner together with another forumer...  

Quite ok the Nasi Belacan by Kopi Club Plaza Low Yat branch. 

As usual, my friend is a gadget fan! Guess what i found from him! Its the Nano watch! iPod Nano with Tik Tok / Luna Tik that he ordered from kickstarter project website. 

Very nice! 

iPod Nano watch!!! 

Remember my old post? I posted iPod nano watch last year October! 
Here's the link: iWatch
The feel between iWatch and this TikTok is totally different! 
TikTok definitely feel much better and the price as well... :) 

The strap is quite good! 

Ah... very poison iPod nano watch! 

From the side view...
Here's the video from Kickstarter project! Enjoy.


James Oh said...

that is one nice watch band! may i know where i can get one?

vin_ann said...

my friend was got it from:

James Oh said...

oh, i suppose its not yet available locally then. anyway its so nice you makes me envious lol. ok, i try to get it from that site, thanks!

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