Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Unifi Experience

Back to January 2011, i have registered and applied for Unifi when they set up a tent at my condo's entrance. 
I recalled its was on 17 January 2011 and i asked the person in charge whether able to do the installation before CNY. But he said have to key in my order and see the dates assigned.   

After few day, i received a call from Unifi centre to confirm my information about my application to Unifi and were informed my installation date was on during CNY. Im fine with it.  
After that i received an email regards Unifi which contains all my login ID and passwords. (were advised by the Unifi centre that all my logins are usable and i have to refer to this email if i wanted to use the StreamyxZone WiFi.)  
After that i received another call from Unifi centre to confirm my information again. 
And again i did not received any call from them anymore until few days before the installation date. 

Unifi powered via Fibre
Its was Chinese New Year Eve and i received call from Unifi again. 

The appointment was at 9.30am and by 9.27am i received call from the technician. He telling that he is doing configuration at the exchange port outside my condo and asked my house phone number. 
This is for him to identify my telephone port where he was going to unplug my streamyx and homeline telephone plug and plug in the Unifi thing into my port. 

While im waiting at home... until 10.10am he came up to my house together with 3 other technicians. Total a team of 4 technicians visited my house for Unifi installation. 

1 technician on his laptop, 1 technician unbox the devices, 1 technician doing the cabling connecting all devices, and last 1 helping the on who on his laptop... I was like "surprise" 4 technicians came to my house for unifi installation. 

Since im staying in Condo, there's was no cabling need to be done. Just using back the telephone line and plugged into the modem and vola... its works... by 10.30am im on Unifi connection! 

IPTV - Internet Protocal TV...

Free Channels available on the Unifi IPTV... 

The modem! 

The IPTV decoder

The Router ! 

The codeless phone. I got the new telephone number which came along with Unifi ! 

The boxes! Were told by technician to keep the boxes! 

My unifi is installed and working and a call to Unifi centre to double checks my Unifi account is being activated ( i mean the statement account). So im asking the Unifi Customer service, when is my Streamyx and TM Homeline (my old telephone number which with Streamyx) going to terminate since Im ticked to terminate them in my Unifi application form. 

Her answer was within 2 weeks! *shit* 2 weeks, meaning Im being billed 2 more weeks in the Streamyx Bill ! She advised that, if i were to have immediate effect of termination on Streamyx & TM homeline, is visit to TMpoints ! 

So the next morning, here im now! TMpoints which located on my way to work. TMpoints open from 8.30am and before they open door, there's already few people waiting which include me as well... 

New design layout of TMpoints or myself have long time no visit to TMpoints.  

To terminate your Streamyx & Homeline account, you got to visit the "Application" counter. 
Fill in the form and have your IC photostated and its done! 
Wait.. The CS told me i need to return the Telekom phone set.! FML. No one ever mention before! 
Argh! i have to come back to TMpoints again! 

The next day morning, i handed in my Telekom phone set to effect my termination! 

Funny facts, i were told by the CS that, the Streamyx account will be terminated within 1-2 days and after that followed by TM Homeline within 3-4 days! Its not being done at once time & within the same time as well! 

Phone set handed in and there's just a chop and remark on my termination form, That's all. 
I shall expect my 1st Unifi bill on 1st March 2011... 
Let's see... 

Lastly, my unifi speed were quite constant! Weeee.... 

<3 <3 <3 
Loving my Unifi... 


Unknown said...

Good info! At least now I know that no cabling will be needed in my condo since Broadband port is provided by the Mgmt/Developer. And gonna have my UniFi install tomorrow...


No cabling needed for condo? I thought UNIFI need a fiber optics cable?

Buyoq said...

To Chan Yao,

Yes Unifi is fiber optic but if your'e on a high rise building, you will be using VDSL technology.
Which means :

Fiber optic cable -> copper cable -> modem

limchinkah said...

Thank you for sharing your experience.

Did you get a refund of your previous TM fixed line deposit?

Since Unifi comes with a free phoneline, we will naturally be terminating the old phoneline. If you can recall, we would have paid a deposit to Pejabat Talikom years ago before it was privatised.



vin_ann said...

Hi Lim,

Yes, my old telephone line is terminated and the bill was set off against the deposit.

Everything terminated and settled.

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