Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Honda Insight - Test Drive

The new hybrid car is arrive at Malaysia shore... 
Its Honda Insight. 

Econ tree simbol.
When the Econ button were pushed, Insight driving style will be Econ mode the Ultimate Saving driving style.
Coolness of Air Condition will be reduced, engine power also reduce to enjoy the saving mode. 
One more things, when stuck in traffic jam, the petrol engine will be stop completely ! Meaning no petrol wasted in standstill ! 

You gotta be a light footer to enjoy the ideal mode.

Assist = its where motor assists the engine to power. 
Charge = its where the braking the motor will charge IMA battery. 

As you accelerate the pedal,   

When its breaking, the motor recharges the IMA battery using energy caused in braking. All cylinders stop to enlarge the charging efficiency.

Acceleration - The motor assists the engine and provides powerful acceleration. 

The dashboard of Insight... 

Sideview of Insight

High butt as its where the IMA battery and IPU (Intelligent Power Unit) hide. :) 

Front view...

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