Thursday, February 17, 2011

Magnum 4D Lucky Lou Sang Dinner

On 12 Feb 2011, Saturday, 10th day of CNY, Im attended Magnum's LuckyLouSang event at Magnum House at Jln Pudu. Its really a brand new fresh experience for me to have the chance witness the process on the number drawing for 12/2/2011 session. 

As we always see the Magnum 4D number result and yet we never know how the number coming from. Only  what in my mind were the scene in Hong Kong drama series... on the number drawing part. haha... 

At the registration counter. Did you know Magnum have their own Facebook and twitter account?
Go to Magnum 4D facebook and like them!
Follow @4DMagnum on twitter !

This is the drawing room! These are the machines! Inside are the rubber balls!

The drawing room, which equipped with 16 CCTV to monitor all the movement during the drawing process! Nothing can go wrong!  

The result of number drawing board! 

Another closeup view on the machines and balls! 

Plenty of seats available for public! Anyone can come to visit the Magnum House on drawing day! 

The result board ! Its going to be filled by number soon! 

The person in charge explains to us how the drawing process being carried out and the every control process which they are practicing! Im trying to recall some of the important inked into my mind facts! 

The drawing room - Its being strictly secured and lock. During the normal day, where no drawing on-going, its locked! None of the magnum staff can access into the room. Guess what, even the toilet cleaning need to be open by management staffs and with the presence of management staffs, the toilet cleaner can carry their job. 

To open the drawing room, its need 4 key management staffs presence to open it! 1 using biological scan to unlock, 1 using card to unlock, 1 using key to unlock and 1 else...err forget what kind of lock they have already... The draws conducted on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday and special day normally falls on Tuesday!    

The rubber balls - Its made from oversea and there's only 2 companies in the world manufacturing the rubber balls! The rubber balls Magnum having are made in France! The balls also need to be examine using X-ray to make sure inside did not contains any foreign objects. 

The drawers - The people who press button on the machine and let the balls jump n being selected. There will be 1 personnel representative from Finance Minister and 2 member of public to press the buttons. 

The management staffs - The management staffs together with 1 internal auditor are monitoring the drawing process. If anything abnormal happened, they will immediately make a phone call to CEO of Magnum for him to decide next action. 

The drawing box !!! My name was inside! How i wish i can be selected to be one of the drawer to press button! Magnum staff will be lucky draw and select 4 or 6 member of public to come forward and this not guarantee you will be the 1 be drawer! 

6 members of public will randomly choose envelop and only 2 will get the "X" mark plate as above and whoever got "X" plate, they are the drawer! 

The two lucky blogger drawer! 

Its going to be awesome experience when you got the chance to press the button! 

Pressing the button! Number strike with your lucks!!! 

Some facts to add: 
The Magnum staffs - They can buy magnum 4D number too! Tell you more in below! 

Store room for rubber balls - the balls are being keep in the different room and also required few management staffs to open the locks! So there's no chance anyone have the access to store room by alone. 

Random - The drawing process need to brace through so many controls and the drawers also randomly being selected. So there's so random that the staff can buy number based on their god feel... Hope one day i can develop this god feel feeling and go buy the magnum 4D numbers! Waits, the staff no discount! haha... 

HUAT ah! The rubber balls are flying around! waiting to drop in the holder! HUAT AH! 

Checking my number to the result... HUAT AH! 

My friend also checking... nervous! HUAT AH! 

Photo session in front of the drawing place before its start! 

Group photo with bloggers! 

This were the result! We witnessed the whole process! 

The result display outside the Magnum House ! 

The Lucky Lou Sang @ Oversea Restaurant ! HUAT AH! 

Its not shark fin, no worry! 

Cod fish steamed which were very nice! 

Beside the #Lucklousang and the dinner, there's also some games on draws! See the video! 



Red words to blessing the number! hehe 

With KK the big smile, sure we going to strike the number on 19/2/2011! 

Together with all girls drawn numbers, we going to HUAT AH! hehe... 

On 19/2/2011, this coming Saturday,  if the draw number strike out as the number above, I can kiss goodbye! wahaha Keep fingers cross! 

I won some "cash" voucher! hehe... HUAT AH! 


Thank you Magnum 4D for the awesome experience and the awesome food at Oversea Restaurant! Looking forward to join your future events! Let's "HUAT AH!" together! 

Im really opened my eye, now im seeing number differently. haha... 

Its Chap Goh Meh... 15th day of CNY 
元宵節快樂! 华人情人节快乐! 
I shall shout 'HUAT AH!" on the 15th day a.k.a. last day of Chinese New Year to officially end my Chinese New Year! 



jfook said...

eh your face doesn't show you are really huat ahhh!!

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huat si beh non stop!

Rebirthz™ said...

nice post.. hope you always huat.. ^^
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