Wednesday, May 06, 2009

AA tickets

1st time purchase Air Asia ticket online.

actually this is not my 1st time purchase Flight ticket online for 1st time, but a few times already.

while doing the booking flight tickets, any items i selected will charge me!

1st - seating.

hmmm lucky the 1st 2 attempt to pay by credit card is fail, i re-think again, why shd i choice my seat? select the window seat just to take pictures? hmmm no value added. so im just confirm without select the seat. Perhaps maybe i will be allocated to seat with pretty gal!!!

2nd - travel insurance.

since im travel within dosmestic there is no need any insurance. in fact my insurance cover is more than enough.

3rd - Meal

A nasi lemak - RM8.00
A chic sandwich - RM6.00
what i need to make sure is eat kaw kaw / enough at KL Sentral! with RM8.00 i can eat McD, KFC! All i need to do is make sure im FULL way before depart! haha...

it's been long time i did not thinks to save money in this way...

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