Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Air Asia - Credit Card payment

just now, when booking my air tickets, my first choice of payment is using HSBC credit card.

it's really making me feel sick of waiting. tried 2 times also un-able to make my payment.

after 1st time fail, i made call to HSBC customer service. the CS said it's due to TIME-OUT. the loading page of HSBC Visa Verified is slow...

WTF...the she said it's normal for Streamyx users.

then i tried again, and it's fail!

then while im thinking of alternative which credit card to use, i reminded that, that bloody Citibank always send "surprise" SMS to notify me that i have purchase air tickets online in the last 48 hours... and today i got received the SMS again! and also the Citibank people calling and asking for Puan XXX XXX... FEW TIMES!!

so i decided to use my Citibank. to test whether will be anyone calling me to verify my transaction.

Payment to Air Asia using Citibank is smooth. nothing happened and it's went through. this is because Citibank did not have Visa-verified.

hmmm, who should i blame! HSBC? Streamyx?

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