Friday, May 15, 2009

Isetan Sales

today is the Isetan Pre-sale...

the day that i should feel excited.
somehow, i did not feel excited.

i back to home from office at 7.00pm.
Went to have hair cut.
today tried the new saloon which hanging the RM9.00 dry cut...
feel abit excited can enjoy the RM9.00 hair cut.

but ended up is RM20.00.
reason, the RM9.00 is just for opening promotion... it's over now.
argh... but im quite satisfy with the hair cut, as it being cut by the professional.

back home at 8.15pm.
have my diner... and come out at 8.50pm.
reached KLCC around 9.05pm.
the only entrance, were greed by two japanese holding the Isetan member card...
only member were allowed to enter...

walked for so long, ended empty hand back home!


tomolo 6.30am running 13km...

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