Sunday, May 31, 2009

Extreme Skytrex Challengge

im the first timer joining for the skytrex challengge with Trails Tracker.

we gathered at the main entrance of Taman Pertanian, Shah Alam. i reached there about 7.40am and im the first person who arrived.

Had stomachache and went to toilet. The toilet is clean.

by 8.00am, more people is arriving.

8.30am we were taking the bus entering into the taman pertanian, toward the skytrex challengge location.

As first timer, i learnt the safety measure and procedures. before we start the real challengge, we have some small practices...

my group have about 16 persons and my turn is quite behind... have to line and Q and waits...
the 1st challengge is to climb up the tree about 22meters! and after up there, i have done my 1st maiden flying fox... crossing the lake...

i was nervous before taking off.. im sit down and jumped down to start my flying! Wow... it's great man... i was hanging with safety belt flying accross...

since then, there are a few flying fox... for different heights... it become normal for me already and im enjoyed it.

the most difficults challengge is the Rope with Rings. i have to put in my leg into the ring for enable me to cross the challengge. Initially there are 2 rings in 1 ropes. i can put in 2 legs into it and another leg to cross to next ring. Until the middle suddenly the ring become 1 rope 1 ring. As only have 1 ring, my legs have to cross from previous ring to the next ring and can not share the same ring for 2 legs...

im strunggle for a while and try to figure out what's the best way for me to keep going.
oh, finally i found. i have to cross my leg from inside for the next ring. it's quite energy consuming for the move.

anyways, i finished it. Horey!

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