Sunday, May 24, 2009

New Balance15km 2009

on 16 May 2009.
morning had running the 10km route... i was following Terrence group.

their were slow and constants, but i lost them after 5km... feel no energy to climb up the double hill...

after run, i went to collect the vest n number bib for New Balance Run tomolo. waited there since 9.00am.

at the movement while im waiting the booth to be set up, i noticed there were problems in job segregations and also the arrangement of the booth.

10.00am being written on resit saying can collect the number and shirts. by 9.30am the counters were not set up properly. everything is arrived and no table.

anyways, lucky, their start to distribute at 9.45am. i got my number and shirts and went back home quickly take bath and come out again.

11.00am im joining my running mates to have movie at One Utama - Angel and Demons.
my running mates got the free tickets... hehe...

after movie, we had lunch at Oriental Craving same row with HSBC. it's nice.

after that, i went to Kota Kemuning to get the bluetooth handfree from LYN seller. On my ways, i got call from friends invites me to go Genting.

feel exiciting about going to Genting, since the whether is so HOT... reached at Kota kemuning around 3.30pm. brought the bluetooth handfree and back home to Setapak.

reached home around 4.45pm and my friend is coming. by 5.00pm we were off to genting.

Genting, really got nothing to do...just lepak and diner and yam cha at starbucks...

reached home around 12am... tiring...

at 4.30am im wake up preparing for the run...
feel excited and abit of tiring...
not really in the mode of running, yet i wanted to run and complete it.

i had ran quite badly...
it not up to normal standard. tiring.

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