Sunday, May 10, 2009

J Co

yesterday, i thinks im got nothing better to do... i was with a friend.

i went to KLCC... Kinokuniya looking for Chinese language book to improve my language skills, search through and i cant find what i want.

then we went to Avenue-K for the Taiwan food. nothing special for it, yet during lunch time, it's was packed when i was working nearby KLCC last time. now finally got the chances to try it out.

after that, we went to puduraya to buy bus ticket which my friend brought it.
abit surprising, puduraya is less people. it's not crowed.
it's been long time i did not went there already.

perhaps it's not a rushing period for people to back hometown nor people coming back to KL.

after that, we went to Pavilion. Parked my car at the wisma Cosway. lucky, it's not traffic jam.
should be no jam at all...

guess everyone was went to celebrate the wesak day.

walk around the Pavilion, and i realised that i never visit some part of Pavilion.

finally, we stopped at J Co. something that i wanted to have it since last weekend after having the Krispy Kreme.

Dont know why, i feel that the taste of J Co is not likes last time...
we have half dozen for RM10.50 which we combined together with another half dozen with the aunty line up in front of us. that's why we can get cheaper.

i had 4 donuts and with the Mochabella from J Co.
it's was full.

back at home, feel so tired. been out for half day... long time did not went out that long already.

at night, with another 2 cari forum friends are breaking the wall in facebook.

play until 11something, im feel so tired and just off my pc and sleep...
sleep until 8am...

missed my 6.00am running...
but i found that my morning time is hard to pass. i clear my space and iron my shirts.
and also at the same time i watching my Da VinCi Code... while ironing...

just to kill my boredomnesssssssssssssss...

i thinks bcoz of outing and J Co, too much of sugar, im feel so tired... missed my running...

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