Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Almond Butter in KL

Hello, Hello Malaysians...If you're looking for almond butter in KL, yes, you have come to right place. 
Yesterday, until yesterday I was lost and give up on the search for the almond butter in KL. 
But all the suddenly my friend tweeted me saying that there's a shop is selling Almond Butter but currently out-of-stock! At least i know there's a shop in KL is selling Almond Butter. 

Subsequently, my friend messaged me that the shop still have 3 bottles of almond butter in store! Hoorey... But i was shock on the pricing. Digesting the price shock and finally I asked my friend to help me buy almond butter for me. She was buying from Country Farm @ Bangsar Villege as she working nearby. 

Thank you, Jo. 

Now you know there's a shop selling almond butter. :) 

Good luck on your hunting for almond butter in KL. 


James said...

Oh yes, I've been looking for this!!

Shine said...

Thanks for sharing this. I have been looking for this :)))) and I am also looking for raw butter. Do you know where I can get it.


vin_ann said...

hi Shine,

you can get raw almond at Tmn Megah, namely "Bake with Yen" and Tung Chung which same row as Fatty Crab.

Hope you able to find it!

N-Dra said...

If u guys are looking for creamy nutritious organic nut butters, this place has it.

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