Tuesday, July 19, 2011

LineBreak - No Nonsense Compression

Finally been a week of waiting, I'm received Linebreak compression from Singapore which I'm ordered.
The LineBreak compression tights were flying from Singapore to Thailand and eventually touched down in KL and I'm just got it just now.

As I'm wearinf the LineBreak compression now while typing, I can feel it. Too bad, I can not test it out tomorrow 1st thing in the 5:30am morning run, as I'm now 1:07am still blogging about it. !

Soon, I will have chance to test it out for running and workout. It's going to be my new love. My other compression were either cant feel the tight-ness as only wear for 1 year plus or the stitches start to loose and  "Ber-Lubang" a hole is forming and start growing bigger and bigger.  

While on other hand, as the "LINEBREAK" Australia tagline: No Nonsense Compression and no marketing for branding, it's all by words of mouth and that's how Linebreak compression is selling much much cheaper than other well known brands.

This is part of the reasons Im decided to get LineBreak compression by reading the information on the website and it's being recommended by Andrew Bowen when he commented in Jamie's facebook status.

On other hand, Im started Facebook fan pages name: LineBreak Malaysia Community   if you have any questions to ask or existing Malaysians who using the LineBreak compression to share you experience.

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HK Pang said...

Hi Vin Ann,
Was looking around for marathon running blogs and came across yr posting for the Linebreak compression tights. I hv been reading for information on compression wear. Are u wearing it for every run? How did u felt before and after using it? How much is the Linebreak tights u wearing cost? Where did u bought it?
Thanks in advanced for any reply .

vin_ann said...

hi HK Pang,

Let me answer your questions 1 by 1.

1. Yes, im now wearing my LineBreak compression for every workouts and runs.

2. I felt comfortable.
3. How much and where to get?
visit fitlion dot com.
As u can see, the LineBreak i got it from SG. It's sad that they did not send to oversea.


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