Saturday, July 09, 2011

Bersih @ 9th July 2011

This post is the compile of photos I view from Twitpic & Facebook.
Let's remember 9th July 2011 - The day #Bersih 2.0

Throng of cops ran over to where we were, beat some ppl down to the ground and took them. #bersih via @quaintly

FRU with water canon and now tear gas at masjid jamel #bersih

A group taking refuge at hospital tongshin, FRU waiting outside. water cannon sprayed into carpark #bersih

Boys chased down the streets. Batons, riot shields, boots all in FRU. Peaceful marched broken up in seconds.

Fuck. Watercannon's out. But everyone's wet already la...FRU ready #Bersih2 via @warbaby

via @warbaby

via @warbaby 

via Yvonne Ho |

Haha... Planking 

Tear gas 

Another face-off is building up. This time on the main road Jalan Pudu.

Crowd singing negaraku #Bersih2 via Warbaby 

Face-off. Cops calling for backup. Surprised that we turned back to face them.

RT : Cops mixing chemicals near Tung Shin hospital

#bersih Crowd regrouped in frnt of Tung Shin Hospital after b'g gassed n sprayed.
Waitg for instructions.

Damn sonn. 2 groups merge. Malaysians cheering wild. J Sultan is packed full

Wow.. you can see everyone is hand up snapping photos! It's the advancement of the technology. .

God Bless #bersih. 
God Bless Malaysia 
God Bless KL. 

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