Friday, July 29, 2011

Almond Butter @ KL - Level checks

Wednesday evening was received the almond butter and I did not consume it immediately. I was spending time to stir, stir and stir for almost 30 minutes before my hand decided to stop. 

Stored in the fridge and took out on yesterday (Thursday) morning and bring it to office. This is to poison some of my healthy colleagues and one of them who informed me about Almond Butter which he never taste before. 

In office pantry, I continue to stir before paste on the bread... 

This photo was taken after few pastes to bread... It's totally different from peanut butter. I continue to stir whenever i have time! The bottom part are still hard... 

Sharing my Almond butter with colleagues... They love it. I feel happy can share this with them. 

End of the day, my almond butter is quite "Laku" haha... Guess that's all about my healthy colleagues who trying. The other non-healthy colleagues never bother wanted to try the almond butter... 

On other hand, my colleague who intro almond butter to me looked at the nutrition label, he was surprise almond butter able to give 4g of "dietary fiber which is very good and there's hardly anything can offer such high dietary fiber, unless you eat a lot of fruits and vegetables.  Okay, I'm really not well in nutrition facts and use but will google and continue to improve my nutrition. 

Happy Friday! 

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Shannon @ JustAsDelish said...

i love nut butters too, i make my own, takes only minutes and sure saves me lots of $$$. give it a try

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