Wednesday, July 06, 2011

The old me Vs The new me - Chin Ann

Hello, hello... that's me! Chin Ann a.k.a vinann.
That's my photo taken in January 2011 Vs my recent photo taken few days back !

it's about 6 months gaps. You're have motivated me even without myself realizing it...
It keep running in my mind when i was running the 100km. I know it's ridicules, but it's happening even something happen. 

Before Vs After 100km Ultra marathon 2011
The old me before Vs The new me after 100km Ultramarathon 2011. 

Left photo taken by ShannonChowz - Thank you for tagging.
Right photo taken by Vincent - Thank you.

Sundown Ultramarathon 100km was completed, and I'm feel good after completion.
Since after the Sundown, I been thinking of my next target, my next direction, I wish I can do the same thing with you, but I respect you.
It's so happened that this came to my radar, so i choose the next level challenge, still running, it's #TMBT - The Most Beautiful Thing.

I'm waiting for you, till then, bye.

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