Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Royal Selangor Pewter @ 24 July 2011

On a bright Sunshine Sunday. It's was BHP Orange Run 2011  in the morning and I achieved my personal best timing for 11 KM which was sub-1 timing ---> 58mins 40 second. 

After the morning race, I'm free. Im got no date. I got nothing to do. I done all my laundry. I done all my ironing. 
It's just another lazy Sunday. Suddenly Royal Selangor Pewter (RS) sparked in my mind. Oh yeah, I need to re-stock my Royal Selangor postcards! 

I'm visiting Royal Selangor Pewter again. The last time visiting RS was about one month ago. 

Royal Selangor now have changed their theme! It's Mooncake festival ! It's very nice! 
Initially was planning just to get postcards and leave, but somehow, my feel telling me that I should stay a litter bit longer at Royal Selangor. 

So i stayed back. 

Enjoying the Long Black Coffee. 

Loving the black coffee... Loving it...  

 Actually I had my lunch before visiting Royal Selangor but somehow the kids sit beside me were having Roasted Chicken & chips. The smell of roasted chicken were calling me! 
At first, I'm able to ignore the smell... the craving. 
But as time getting longer and the smell still flying to my nose, I gave up. I went to counter and ordered the same dish! But, but its was SOLD OUT. :( 
My hungry-ness was activated! I need to eat something. So I'm ordered Chicken sandwich! 

Very nice chicken sandwich! I'm loving it.Next time, I must try the Roasted Chicken & chips! 
I must satisfy my craving ! 

Re-stocked my Royal Selangor postcards... <3 <3 <3 ... 

Royal Selangor postcards never fail to excite me! 
Sending them out to World Wide via Postcrossing... 

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