Sunday, July 17, 2011

Ultra-Marathon celebration with "brothers" on 26 June 2011

Thank you my brothers. Thank you my friends. Even we are like just know each other for not long ago, thank you for treating me like brother like old friend. I'm so touch. I'm speechless.

Immediately on Sunday 26 June 2011 when I'm reach at KL at 8.00pm plus via bus, you came and pick me and went to have "pork fine dinning" to celebrate my completion of 100km Ultra Marathon race!

Pork Fine Dinning 

Pork Knuckle !   
For the 1st time, I'm being exposed to pork knuckle to be eat with wine. It's not any normal wine but wine that my friend discover that match with pork knuckle. It's so happened that the wine which brought in by the restaurant never been ordered by any customer before. 

Pork lollipop ! haha... It's chef's new dish giving us to try it out.  

Thank for companions for #VinProperty, and now soon also for #HAI. 

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