Monday, June 04, 2012 & iPad in budget airlines!

Was watching Bloomberg when i'm back at home. Then saw the news on launching of Scoot Airlines, the new budget airlines from Singapore Airlines which strip off everything, no LCD panel at back of seat like many other airlines but offer iPAD for rent!

Today 4th June 2012, Monday Fly Scoot have its inaugural flight from Singapore to Sydney Australia. That's why Fly Scoot is in Bloomberg news!

Flying medium-haul on a budget flight does not have to be a drag.

Singapore's first low-cost, long-haul carrier Scoot will offer iPads pre-loaded with movies and TV shows for rent on board their flights.

The iPads come with extra battery packs and a stand so that passengers can watch movies without having to hold it throughout the flight.

For those who prefer to use their own iPad or electronic device, chief executive Mr Campbell Wilson said that Scoot will be launching a wireless onboard server for passengers to access onboard data with their personal device.

"Our intention is to allow people to use their device as much as possible. It saves us money as we don't have to provide one but it also gives people greater choice of entertainment," said Mr Wilson.

However, movie studios at this stage do not allow first release movies to be streamed wirelessly to a device, so passengers who are using their own iPad will not be able to view certain movies onboard.

All frills like iPads, meals, wider seats with more leg more and baggage allowance are chargeable.

Ticket sales for the new carrier have exceeded the 100,000 mark, one day before its inaugural flight to Sydney on June 4.

Scoot currently flies to four destinations - Sydney, Gold Coast, Tianjin and Bangkok, and its average fare costs 40 per cent less than those of full-service airlines. Two more routes will be added by the end of this year.

The airline is eyeing destinations in China and India next.

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