Thursday, June 14, 2012

#TwtupKami @ 9 June 2012

A normal twtup that i thought. Went with friends and hang out there. It's seem i know no one in the twtup, except 1 2 kittens. =.='
But my friend knows dam lot of people in the TwtUp.... hmmm...
Must be i'm always #foreveralone Ultra training... dont know much friends... 
Zicco T ! Your custom made personalized T !  

Guess who is conteng conteng on the banner! 

Guess which stall ! 

The MC - @LimMengKeong on Twitter ! 
I like his saying "Cuaca sikit panas" haha  

Looks who is here! The VVIP of TwTupKami ! Our beloved PM Najib Razak! 
Thank god, TwtupKami around 4:30pm not many people, able to snap close up photo of our beloved PM Najib Razak. 
Did you know that, you can tweet our PM? his twitter handle is "@najibrazak" 

Look like Chow Yuan Fatt style! 
Backside photo of PM. 

PM on the stage. 
PM predict Spain will win the Euro 2012 ! 

PM's son, just 21 years old ! 

PM on stage giving speech. So close man! 

Self camwhore!!! wahaha.... 

Still on speech... 

Like many others, self-cam whore tak cukup.... asked friend to snap this photo! 
HK100 rock! 

Thanks to TwtupKami, i can snap PM's photo so close! 

The two very influential women ! 
On left is Hoong Ling, the President for Women of Voice 
Right is AidaSue, the deputy President for Women of Voice! 

Before leaving, there's #YBcanjump thingy, where 3 deputy ministers teamed up and play against other team in basketball 3 on 3. Hardly follow on these things, only know there's 3 minister level playing basketball... haha... At least, i know they really giving out their 100% best to play the basketball... 

There's too many obese ministers around. Health is red color ! 

Hot air balloon is up when i'm leaving!  
TwtupKami, i dont know how the organizer measure their successful of the Twtup. TwtupKami is so commercialize that so many stalls selling stuffs and foods. It's open air, and it's HOT! My previous Twtup impression was held in air-condition hall. Anyway, I likes TwtupIpoh booth! Friend and i enjoyed it. haha... Rugi-la you all people did not come to TwtupIpoh booth in TwtUpKami... haha... Perhaps, TwtupKami managed to invite PM to join the Twtup... 


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