Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Rape The Green Lung @ KL

Wow... what a surprise when see this photo posted by my loving trail runner friend in Facebook. Guess where it's located? 

It's at Bukit Gasing. 

Rape The Green lung by property developer and it's being approved by DBKL. "This land, or naked hills are privately owned by developer. Land is cleared right up to the KL - Selangor borderline. Will this happen to Kiara Hills?" Extract from FB comment posted by loving trail runner. 

God bless to those who staying nearby the said development. If raining season, landslide might happens, that's if developer never do their landscape properly. 

On other hand, Congratulation to Bungalow owners, you just owned a superb residence where you can view whole KL from top of Bukit Gasing. Enjoy. 


P/s: Credit to Raymond Ng in my FB who post the photo in FB. 

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