Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Trail Run @ Bukit Kiara 020612

On 2nd June 2012, Saturday, I'm joint few other runners to Bukit Kiara for trail running. Honestly, i'm only ran Bukit Kiara once back in 2009, where i'm were on running high fever. I never thought of trail running, i have no idea what's about trail running. 

One day in 2009, i thinks few months before the Salomon X-trail race, one of my running friend was registered for trail race which were held at Bukit Kiara back then. She have Salomon discount voucher from the Salomon X-trail race, brought the trail shoe and ready to test it. So I'm followed her together with few other running friends and leaded by ex-ironman friend who did his Ironman race in early years back then...kind of first few into the sport in Malaysia... 

Recalling my memory first time in Bukit Kiara trail running. We were running up to the peak of Bukit Kiara where we oversee the view of Hartamas... It's was awesome! I still can remember it.... After that, when we were going back heading down, we were lost inside Bukit Kiara...We were just run.. run and run... lucky, we have good stamina and somehow, we found hash paper on ground and follow it back to rest stop.

Back to present, 2012 2nd June, Saturday, lead by TriStupe we have 5KM run, via magic carpet. Did you just heard "magic"? yes, do you, but there's no magic to lift you up but you have to use your own feet to run to enjoy the nature of Bukit Kiara, to enjoy the green, enjoy the trail, enjoy the adrenaline rush!

Too bad, all the above i mentions just now will be disappear as i'm typing it, as you're reading this. Bukit Kiara is fenced up, the remaining area will be public park, which newspaper media describe a "GOOD NEWS" to 7,000 visitors who can park their cars nearer to park, no need to walk long journey. Beside that public also can drive up to the peak to enjoy the view.

The whole concept of exercise for healthy purposes are gone.

First time running Magic Carpet... 

New Balance's runner ! 3 MT10 and i'm the only MT101 ! 

Licici... always trying to bump him in trail either FRIM but he always goes Bukit Kiara. Finally met him! 
Licici is the one who snapped the photo which i used for blog cover back in few years back! Time flies.

The bike that Licici ride! 

It's heart breaking to see this on 2nd June 2012. By now, you wont be able to see this as it's changing everyday. 

Speechless... Care for natural konon-nya. Sigh. 

Another heartbreaking view inside the Bukit Kiara. 

See the light on top of hill? We were running up the hill follow the light. At least we run for some hope on top of hill follows the light. 

The light which ended not a hope but fence. 
It's where hope end. 

No more viewing from here after the fencing completed. It's belong to private and rich fellows right on the right of view. 

Appreciate the view while its FREE... 

Guess, no more public can access here anymore. 

Was told by birdie, it's look like this due to open burning! 
DBKL workers burning ? You must be kidding! But the fact is in front of you. 

Fence.Fence.Fence. A wall that separate between rich and poor. 
Public is denied to enter as the land.  

To be complete fence. 

Yeah... Development for the rich. I'm smiling for the rich. 

While other side of me feel sad. No more trail running on beautiful 
R.I.P. beautiful trail. 

Guess this the work in progress road that let public to drive their fancy cars up to the peak of hill. 
This explain Malaysians are Obese. 

From 020612, what you see on above might not reflect the current situation in Bukit Kiara. So, while Bukit Kiara still not yet fully destroyed go run more, enjoy while you can. Appreciate what's available. 


Johan Marco said...

sungguh sedih
inilah developer
pantang nampak tanah

pojie | pijot -- blogg..bloggg...blurppp... said...

how many km can cover in the bukit kiara trail? wish to run trail there... mind to share the starting location (map) and the route?...

vin_ann said...

hi pojie,

there's a lot of trail routes in Bukit Kiara. It's can get lost easily inside.

i was following friend who familiar with the trail.

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