Sunday, June 03, 2012

Philip X-treme Vision H4 100%

After a good 5 years of usage, one of my car headlamp bulb is burnt ! Before that, i'm was in MyviClub and there's members are introducing Philips brand headlamp bulb H4 which claims its brighter ! 
After some google and i found the spare part shop selling Philip H4 bulb. 

Got myself Philips H4 X-tremeVision 100% ! yeah, it's 100%, as 80% sold out! :( 

I remembered well that my friend changed the bulb by himself. I thinks i can D.I.Y too! but i'm clueless on how to change. There's no manual or procedures on steps of changing. Thanks to TriStupe 140 characters tweet, I changed my bulb ! 
Dirty hand after changing both side of bulbs

Yay! I done it! 

New bulbs!!! 

It's brighter!!! 

yeah! I love my bulb! You can see the "V" 

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