Sunday, June 10, 2012

Tandoori Chicken & Naans @ Ampang

It's was invitation from my running friends to have tandoori chicken at Ampang where it's famous for! It's been long time no meet up with my running friends who helped me to achieve Sub-5 timing in my first 42KM marathon ! 

I thinks i have forgotten about Ampang tandoori which we had it way back in 2009. That's was my first time tried it, but never come back for it. 

Enjoy the photos.

Tandoori Chicken on the grill! 

Yummy... taste the tandoori chicken, it's just wiped all my other tandoori chicken memory that i had other than at Ampang. 

It's awesome ! 
Definitely will come back more frequent for tandoori chicken! 

Popeye the Sailor man's spinach !!! 

Spinach with Naan were awesome! 

Meet the Chef Mr Ravi. 

Chef in action ! 

Cool Chef with awesome Tandoori chicken! 

Bye Chef Ravi who busy preparing tandoori chicken for his customers.  

Found the furniture shop, found tandoori chicken stall @ Jln Ampang. 

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