Monday, May 30, 2011

10th Marathon - Sundown Marathon 2011

How should I share my 10th marathon? It's my worst personal marathon.

I vomited for the 1st time ever.
I have poor planning on my nutrition.

Due to poor nutrition, I'm starving after 10km.
Due to starving, I'm start walking after 10km.
Due to hungry-ness, I drank 2 tins of milo.
2 tin of milo still not enough, I had my 1st ever meal during marathon.
Just before I'm entering into Burger King, I vomited all my milo.
After vomiting, I had my delicious Burger King.

I done a simple mistake which cost me all above.

Never ever run without power gel. Lesson learnt.

Timing: 7 hours 1 mins.

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