Thursday, May 05, 2011

Chief's Original Bootcamp @ Damansara Heights - 5th sessions

Yesterday was the 5th sessions of the Chief's Original Bootcamp for me @ Damansara Heights! Not sure whether the sessions are getting tougher or my upper body come to the real test which im weak of.

Warming up... 

Photos taken from

Argh.. im totally failed on this workout! My postures were wrong! 
Room for improvement ! 

That was yesterday evening that im had my bootcamp session and this morning 5.30am, as usual my running gang and i were running double hills 10.8km. The running form was good. I can maintain my speed with the gang and Im even record new timing for 5km for 31mins. 

The double hills since last week, i incorporated running tips from Mark William for the uphill running ! Its works since last week and this morning im perfecting the skills. 

The uphill running form was good too! Its were good all the way but i can start feel my legs muscles were starting to sore or pains... alamak... its been long long time i never feel this kind of pain ! A signal to slow down?  

This morning was my 3rd double hills running sessions since im started my bootcamp. Previous 1st round i managed to clock 1:11 and second round clocked 1:08. Even after the run, im feel good as legs muscles did not sore nor pain. 

Just wonder how come this morning after running, my legs muscles were sore / pain! Just like how i feel after running 42km. 

Anyways, 2XU compression tight kicks in! Hope my recovery can recovery just in time for tomorrow bootcamp evening session. ! 

Oh yeah, Im being invited to join DiGi Live Facebook For All Party tomorrow starting from 8pm @ One Utama! Yay! .

Hooyah ! 




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Patrick xander said...

Hi guys, i'm interested in participating in the bootcamp start july 2011, mind sharing some info, location? Time n date? Fee? contact person? Thanks guys, my email is and my contact is 016-2018684

vin_ann said...

Hello Patrick,

you can find more info at:

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