Friday, May 20, 2011

Chia Seed

Jeng Jeng Jeng... As Im running into the three digits marathon training, im exposed to some useful nutritions which can help in running a longer distance! Hoo Yah! Longer distance!  

Preview of the Chia seed which Im going to get it on Sunday. Cant test it out for my weekend Long Run. 

Looking forward to this new nutritions! Chia Seed ! 


Lisa said...

Hi, could u tell me where I can buy these chia seeds from? I read about them came highly recommended in the book 'Born To Run'. So, have u had the chance to try them yet? Thanks!

Jamie Pang said...

Hi Lisa, I was the one who brought it in from Australia after reading the same book. It definitely works for me and I'm looking forward to bringing more in next month. I can be reached on or twitter @jamie_pang.

Ahmad@Pong@阿末@荣华 said...

we are the only organic chia seed importer in m'sia. Usda certified organic. With valid certificate. Clinically tested for about 2 years.

RM60 for 300gm. More deals for bulk purchase.

call us if intested.
Nature Care Health Management.
03-78775614(Mr Pong/Ms Gan)

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