Tuesday, May 24, 2011

30 days++ to Sundown Ultra Marathon 100km 2011

It's just left 32 days to Sundown Ultra Marathon 100km which going to be held on 25 June 2011, Saturday, starting from 6.00pm.

Remember in my previous post?

70 Days ++ to Sundown 100km Ultra Marathon with Chief's Original Bootcamp?

 Last week Friday was the last session of my 12th session bootcamp. Guess what, I'm now a stronger person and have more confidence to run my 100km ultra marathon. 

Immediate after Friday, we have back to back running on Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday, our run start at 4.00am and we finished at 9.00pm. It's a 5 hours run / walk covering 30km. Its serve one purpose, to train endurance. 

On Sunday, we also started at 4.00am and we run and run and run and walk as well until 1.00pm for 9 hours covering total 52km. Its serve one purpose as yesterday, to train endurance. 

Photo taken at 10:00am. We were enjoying our walking grilling under the hot sun! 

The Chief's Original Bootcamp really benefits me a lot and everyone telling me that im slim compared to previously. :) 

Back to our Back-To-Back Run.

Finally can test my trusted Saucony Triumph 8 to the most far distance and duration

 P.B - Personal Best 
Anyone ? 

 Stretching @ pit stop at Planetarium :) 

 Lake Garden view around 10am plus... 

Woot, nice view!  

It's heavenly being splash by water! 

Anyone know where's this leading to? Is Im invited ? hehe  

Ice-cream! Ice-cream!  
Ice-cream kahwin double scoops! 

We were happy girls & boys... 
Thank you SiFu Terrence buying us ice-cream!  

This was my fuel at 8th hour... A plain rice and egg. 
"I tell you, you never realized the tastefulness of this meal after 8 hours of run walk...   

Im so hungry. Eating rice were making me feel like in heaven! 
I bet 99% of you never got chance to taste this meal in such situation.  

Yeah.. Im loving Saucony ! 

Thank you my Ultra buddies for accompany among us to complete 9 hours run walk. 
Thank you. 
Thank you. 
Again, Thank you. 

We going to run cross 100km finisher line. 

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