Thursday, May 12, 2011

Bootcamp ! Bootcamp! Its now for RM39! Grab it now!

Today, im just aware of this deal! RM39 Bootcamp deal from Groupon ! Gr... It is the same Chief's Original Bootcamp which im currently attending using Milkadeal deal which i blogged about here:->

70 Days ++ to Sundown 100km Ultra Marathon with Original Bootcamp

Yes, my fitness are now at the new high where i can constant run 1hour 10mins for double hill route 10.8km. Just in case you might be curious why im so hype about bootcamp thingy! hehe... Its really helped me improve in running! 


  • 3 times a week. 4 consecutive weeks.
  • High intensity outdoor fitness programme from Australia.
  • Certified military bootcamp instructors.
  • Focus on strength, endurance and teambuilding.
  • Great for groups of friends and corporate activities.

Unlike turtles, soldiers who fell on their backs during training exercises could not use immobility as an excuse to call it quits. Break out of your shell with today’s Groupon: for RM39, you get 12 sessions of  bootcamp fitness training (RM299 value) inclusive of a diet and home training programme (RM199 value) as well as access to a mentoring programme (RM49 value) from CHIEF’S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP good at five locations (RM547 total value).
Helpful fitness trainers who hold either Sports Science or Strength and Conditioning qualifications, encourage armchair lingerers to hit the ground running in a series of high intensity sessions three times a week, four weeks a month. Each session is tailored to a specific regime such as strength building, cardiovascular exercises and teamwork exercises geared towards fat loss and increase in muscle mass whilst improving strength and agility. Trainees also have access to the INFERNO Diet and Home Training programme for the duration of their training which caters for rapid fat loss without compromising health or dashing looks. After completing 12 sessions, trainees gain access to mentoring and support from CHIEF’S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP’s international master trainer team to build upon their fitness success and to keep track with a network of exercise enthusiasts. Participants are encouraged to bring copious amounts of water for hydration and towels to pat dry overly permeable skin. 

Chief's Original Bootcamp @ Damansara Heights - 5th sessions

My experience after 5th sessions of bootcamp! 

But, on my 7th & 8th sessions which were this Monday and Wednesday, i have missed out both sessions as im in recovery mood for Monday and Wednesday i got dinner with Chinese visitors. :( 

Hope tomorrow i can catch up my 9th bootcamp session! 

Oh yeah, this Groupon deal includes DIET plan if you read properly. To be frank, currently im having my own diet formula which im been trial and error, testing, readings to create my own diet plan. Since i joint bootcamp, my weight reduced to 73kg to 74kg depending on my meals compared to previously was floating around 77kg to 78kg. :) 

I believe with the DIET plan built together with bootcamp, the effectiveness will be even greater compared to what im enjoying now. 

Act now, the deal end at weekend !!! 

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