Friday, May 27, 2011

Sundown Marathon 2011 - My 10th Marathon

Boys & girls, are you ready for the Sundown Marathon which happening tomorrow evening?
Are you feel excited over the marathon?

Yes, Im ! Sundown Marathon 2011 going to be my 10th marathon since im started my running back to Aug 2008. Its another milestone, it's going to be another journey heading to 20th marathon.

Glad I have groups of supportive running gangs!  
There's Peaceful Hill weekday run gang & Ultra buddies gang & RunnersMalaysia! 

That's my bib! 2013 Huat ah!  

Test ride my Sundown vest! its nice! 

Tomorrow, i will be in Singapore and start running at 10:00pm for 42km category flag off! 

See you there! 
Wish me all the best ya! 

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