Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sundown Marathon Live Tracking - 28 May 2011

Hoorey ! Finally, the marathon that I'm going to run coming this evening 10:00pm, will have my live result post to  twitter and facebook! Hoorey! Kudos to Sundown Marathon 2011 !

As you know, I'm active in Twitter! Yay! I'm loving it!

Below is the confirmation for facebook.

Do follow me on Twitter @vin_ann for my live marathon result~!

Alternatively, you can keep track my live marathon result at Sundown marathon website. 

Type -  first name: "Chin Ann" 
         - Last name: "Tan"

You can see the below! It's me! 

Chin Ann Tan, 28, M Bib: E2013

Goodbye Malaysia. 

Hello Sundowm Marahon, Singapore. 
I will be touching down at Singapore estimated around 1:45pm ! yay ~! 

Wish me best wishes! 
I train enough! I no need luck! hehe... 

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