Thursday, December 29, 2005

Back to hometown for few days, there are a lots of changes in home.

1st, no more online at home, since mother have move the PC to shop and do her UBS transactions. Moreover, my house phone was cut, this is due to our Indonesia maid calling back to her hometown without letting us know. Mum angry about this and did not pay the bills, let the telekom cut the phone, so that the maid can not call back to home. aiks...

2rd, it is a boring Christmas at hometown. Friends did not come back to Serdang, but they heading to Penang to celebrate..aiks.. i'm alone at home watching TV3. Really hard to find some1 in hometown.

3nd, my teeth hurt again. pain for whole day, and at night i ate 2 panadol when i feeling i wanted to fall sick. whose know my teeth not hurts anymore. so on the next day, i went to see dentist and tell him my situation. 'Doc my teeth pain yesterday and now it no pain anymore.' it's a big problems. your teeth have dead, and the arteri is rosak, blood can not go through it smoothly. you will get hurt when ur body is hot and when u falls sick. it's depends on your body healths.the dentist even showed me the pictures, explain to me. got 2 ways, the expensive and cheap way.

Expensive cost about 700 and there is risk there... and the process is very complicated and complex...1st, have to dig out all the thing, clear ur arteri to deep, then refill it.

Cheap way, is to cabut it... the dentist too good lioa...talked so much...let me sikit masa to thinks about whether want to cabut or leave it. but i want my pain gone without worry when my teeth will hurt me again!

Finally i decided to cabut it. aiks...i should pay attention to what the dentist said. HE said, Master, PHD, bla bla bla you can get it if u want it. but for teeth, once you lost it, you would not get it back! but i thought, what if i get sick and my teeth hurt again? it will be always my concern and the pain will follow me when i sick!

besides that i asked about my teeth which other dentist said need operations. he even showed me the x-ray which i took last time. extractly the same situation, he also explain the risk involved and time taken. it is ok to leave it at the movement! this words make me feel comfortable and relief! Finally can put down the heavy rock in my heart!

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