Tuesday, December 20, 2005

finally i get the answer from BO... i was not sucessful. after that i called MR to accept the offer and tomolo morning will go and sign the letter of employment. left 1 thing to do, is call up PF to reject it. do not know what i'm going to face! will it like as MR talking how good is their firm? then it will make me feel undecided again leh. again i can feel i lost some thing by rejecting PF, while i will gain another thing by accepting MR.

today went to KLCC, i did not notice i was kena BOMB from sky. aiks... lucky i was wearing helmat with face protection and jackets. if not, i dare not thinks of it. some more i'm wearing England jessy.

tomolo, i will know when i'm going to start works and i will be free until Jan. Back hometown for a rest, find as many friends as i can. and will come out on 30 Dec and preparing for my works.

ACCA class is going to start soon. fee needed to pay for it. $$$ all is about money.

some more CNY is coming, thinks of what kind of cloths want to buy? Formal shirt for CNY? save money, do not need to buy others kind of shirt, since i can wear to works. that's what my friend suggested to me. New thing for me, new experience...

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