Sunday, December 18, 2005

just now went to SS2 find fren yam cha, on the way to there it's raining and i still keep continue my journey to there via Pencala Link. when reached there i looking around for the place my fren told me. it's raining again. i'm so desprerate to find that place. i want to give up and just went home.

then my fren sms said can not make it on time have to delay 1 hour. aiks, i'm almost reached there soon and it's raining i got no place to stop. i give up, i sms my fren say i suddenly got thing need to go can not make it.

while on the way back home, i received 2 sms from my fren, it said she can make it early. ai... this sms was sent half hour ago and i just received it. again i dissapointed with HOTLINK services. why cant it provide efficient services leh...

anyway, i'm decided to find my fren soon...

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