Thursday, December 22, 2005

wo... my PC nearly burned just now. ai... old PC, the power supply fan is old, and i have to manually make the fan pusing... if not, my casing will be hot, then PC will hang in order to aviod being burn kua. when it serious, i can hear 'tic',' tic' sound from my casing.

last time, i did not complain about my computer speeds, as it can give me surfing, watch moive ( although sometimes it abit lag), listen music and others normal staff.

i installed Skype, manage to find few friends to test for the quality of the skype. for those who do not know about skype, let me explain here.
Skype is a software that enable 2 user using skype software to talk over internet. people call this as VOIP ( Voice Over Internet Protocal) 2 user must have mic so that can talk over net. i tried this before in UK with friend from Malaysia. during that time, it got abit lag, maybe due to slower broadband of my friend in Malaysia.

While when i back to Malaysia, KL i tired this with friends agian. this time, it is a different story. it's have the quality of telephone. i enjoyed it very much. can talks to friends FREE. then it got a problem with my computer. My computer become slow, and i can not do other things beside talking with friends when using skype. i really wish to have a new powerful PC!

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