Friday, December 30, 2005


today, went to 3 banks.

1st HSBC.
i went there to collect security device which is their new measurement to improve the security. i initially thought it will be a device connected to computer, and put my thumb on it and scan... but it's seem i'm wrong. haha
HSBC really creative, they can come out so advanced security control system, yet so simple! it let me feel confidence when i do my e-banking online.
the device is numbered with series number, and there is a small screen on it and a button. after login in my username and passwords, i have to press the button, and the screen will appear 6 number digits. each time press, it will come out different number. i thinks for the elder people, they will take this opportunity to buy the number each time they press! haha...

2rd Public Bank headQuarter
i went there to open a saving account for my employment. filled in 2 form, waited for a while and it's done. there are few surprise i get from public bank.

1. the e-banking, i thought i need to apply through ATM machine, but no need. save my time.

2. althought it save my time, but i only can login to PBB e-banking after 6pm today! aiks...i thought i can back home and login it, then i can make a comparision with BigBrother Dissapointed

3. the money i banked in, can not check from ATM machine on the spot. the officer told me i only can check the balance after 1 hour. aiks... upset with this... i thought bank nowadays is ONLINE, REAL TIME. really dissapointed with this.

3nd Public Bank jln genting Kelang
i need to do something at there, pressed the number, it show 1729. the Current number is 1628! Wo...101 people in front of me! come? is it now is 30-Dec? friday? 2005 is going to end soon...

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