Saturday, December 31, 2005

PF yam cha

last night, about 9.50pm i went out to meet friends for yam cha. initially they said wait at Sunway's Caltex there and there will be someone to fetch us to SS15 yam cha.

i took New Pantai Express highway to sunway, as i had miss the junction turn into Federal highway. just keep going without stop. it just took me about 22 minutes to reach Sunway from Setapak. then i got call that they have change plan. i have to go to SS15 sendiri, wait at Inti there. Lucky i got went to there before, i still rememebr how to go there.

Asia Cafe. just opposite the inti college.there is our yam cha place. 1st time came to this place. not bad. but the drinks quite expensive, including 5% government taX. :(

this time yam cha, i 1st time meet 2 friends, and another friend is second time after 1 year yam cha ago. 1st friend, CW is same line with me, auditor. he now working in PWC, and his attitude just like my friend,S just tht CW is taller. haha. 2rd friend,JL now studying graphic design. i got chat with her in msn but i forget her lioa. while my 3nd friend,A which i second time meet him, is a programmer.

i'm quite enjoy yam cha with them. talked a lots of topic. i really happy can know them. looking forward to yam cha with them soon.

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