Monday, December 19, 2005

a much busy life await me in front of me. Peak period is coming. every one is start working already, while i'm will be like many others friends soon.

Sunday, what a busy day for me. morning, we played futsal, with all my coursemate that we used to play during our study last time, meet them back really happy. the topic we discuss is change, now is all about career, how is the audit in small firm etc... we had lunch together after finished playing.

evening 4 to 6pm i played badminton with friends again. another gang of friends. this time, almost all of them are working in big4, and some is medium firm, totally from friends this morning just now.

we have diner together after that. back at home, i took bath and came out to KLCC to buy black shoe for myself. there is SALE going on at Isetan. some shoes are 50% discount. i brought a new shoe, 50% less... so much saving i can saved if compared buy at normal time. at first i like the shoe so much as is so comfortable when wearing it, but it do not have my size, finished lioa. so sad. i keep trying shoe... the style not nice, too expensive, out of my budget, all kind of factors keep me walking around that corner. Finally i come to the 1 which the style is ok, price is good and it's got my size! horey! finally i got a new black shoe! haha after that i thought of buying shirts and pants also as it got 50% discount but it's still too expensive. all is branded G2000.

Back at home, i went to find friends talking about how their works. many works and so busy. since i'm might joining his firm, better ask him more thing about the firm...

back at home, it's already 12am. Ops...i forget to wish my friend who is birthday on 18. now already 19 lioa... sent a sms to her, but dint get any reply. dont know she get my sms o not.
It's Arsenal Vs Chealse match. 2 giant football club meet together.

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