Friday, December 16, 2005

i thought i had decided which route to take and confirm and finally can put down my big rock in my heart. it is not the case, it is just the beginning of the most difficult process i have to go through in these few days.

today,get calls from MR and PF both offer me job. While MR is arrange for the second meeting discussing about the employment, and PF wanted me to give them asnwer by this afternoon. i was worry and i asked a lots of friends and relative... but finally it come back to me to decide which to join.

much thinks about it, i decided to confirm with PF meaning i have to reject MR n others. when i called MR to reject the job offer, the HR seem know well in handling my rejection. She even talk how good is her company compared to the 1 i decided to join. Bigger, more exposure, friendly staff, have tarcian, techinical training provided, and lots more. She asked me to re-considered the firm. aiks, after listen to this, my decision made afternoon seem goyang-goyang. She talked like his company is much better than PF...

next week, dun know how the result of the BD. if i really get it, then both these 2 firm can forget lioa...

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