Wednesday, October 15, 2008

15 Oct 2008

my streamyx continue still down, keep me in the stone age. im so suffering during night time.
nothing better to do beside watching drama.

last night, wanted do research on the company that im going to attend for interview today, but i cant do it without my streamyx. so i take out my laptop AC adoptor, continue see whether i can connect back the wire or not.

it's seems easy after im dissect the wire. this have let me rethinks of my old time where im helping father installs TV attena, the copper wire is same shape with my laptop wire. and within second im managed to connect it nicely. 1 thing left is i need tape to "tapao" the wound, so that it's wont expose to outside environment.

This morning, wake up, have Oat breakfast and go out tapao nasi lemak. on my way back, the cleaner is seems so worried and scared. She told another cleaner that, someone have suicide. it's Chinese Male Adult. What the Hell... first case happened in my condo...

it's true. when im back to my condo, i go to the baucony and looks down. there's a guy lying down there...just now in the movie... patten as well... and his head got blood coming out.... they did not put any thing, or taken any actions. i guess the guard and the management office clerk are at shock. waiting for police and ambulance to come.

at 9.50am, when im going out for the interview, plain cloth police have arrived and newspaper is put on top of the victim, covering his face.

10.30am, i reached at the destination. it's another interview since im last changed job recently 5 months ago.

filling the application form. finished sharp at 11.00am. the interview is went smooth. with some expected questions and 1 hard questions.

What is your biggest mistake which cost your company during your employment.

answer: it's abit hard to answer, but im trying to turn it another round, it's mistake of almost cost delay of issuing account, but not cost the company loss money.

finished interview, back home, brought a 3M tape, and when im back, im tape the connection, and testing.

it's ON. viva... my lappie is back to life. i can on my lappie with just cost of RM4.00, and that how you can see me blogging in the Starbucks now.

before im come to Starbuck here, im actually planning to online from Old Town Kopitiam, Setapak Indah Branch, but to my dissapointment, there did not have wireless... and im found that there's only have 1 socket to plug.

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