Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Sg Lembing

on 26 September 2008 friday night, we about 6 persons have leaves KL at 11.30pm heading to Sg Lembing in Pahang, somewhere near Kuantan to climb hill.

this is my very first time driving to East Coast. im feel excited.

on this trip, we were planning to see sun raise on Sg Lembing Hill in the morning and after that head to Cherating Beach and Sunday back to KL.

we reached at Sg Lembing about 3.30am and we start to climb up the hill. it's mostly are staircase trail for us to climb up. According to my friend who used to climb the hill, normal person who fit needs about 20-45 minutes, depending on the speed, while our climb we tooks more than that because of 1 of our member do not have stamina, we climb and stop to waits for her.

while on this trip, im trying a few newly purchase item for use. one of it is Sanyo Rechargeable Eveloop battery which is used on my Canon antic Digicam A70 and also IKEA LED lights which act as my touch light for me while climb up hill.

we reached on top of the hill at 4.30am and there is 2 hours gap before we can see the sun raise. so tired and try to sleep but hardly can falls in sleeps. we joke, we walking around and we joke again.

finally at 6.30am we start to see lights!!! im just enjoy it most.

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